“When I was in the army, they told us, in battle, don’t bother attending the wounded who were crying for help…Go to those that didn’t make a sound. They were the ones in real trouble.” – Eugene in ‘Broadway Bound’ a Neil Simon play

She did get quiet. I thought she was happy.

In the months leading up to that day, we had been friends. We spent time talking and there was a bit of flirting as well. I knew she wanted more for herself than the shitty job and the lonely nights. I thought that if she could find whatever it was that she was looking for, she would be alright.

Our conversations became fewer. This is the case when your friends fall in love. They disappear. They spend every waking moment with the one who has captured their attention and when it came to Adele, I was happy to see it happen.

I no longer heard about how unfulfilled she was … in fact, I started hearing from her less and less. It was my assumption that her and her new found love were doing well. Maybe happily ever after  would be hers.

After a long day of work, I came home to relax. It was pretty normal for me to sit down at the computer and check email while drinking a beer.

I entered my username and my password and was greeted with something so unexpected. Adele was gone. She was found in her apartment with an empty bottle of liquor and pills at her side.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. She was supposed to grow old with the love of her life. She should have rode off into the sunset. Every day was supposed to be better than the last … not this … this isn’t what was supposed to happen. This isn’t how it was supposed to end.

“Turn the light on and throw down the keys
Kick your shoes off. Turn on the TV
You don’t care about any of the shows
Just leave it on so you don’t feel alone.

The angels sit outside your window
They’re calling out your name
but all those heavenly voices
they can’t drown out the pain

The thorn sunk deep in your skin
Did you find love but you won’t let it in?
Is it too late to mend your broken crown?
Tilt your head back and tear it all down

The angels sit outside your window
They’re calling out your name
But all those heavenly voices
They can’t drown the pain.”


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